At Impact Hub Agder, we offer programs designed to create and scale solutions to systemic problems by inspiring, connecting and enabling citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations – to work together in collaborative environments and to jointly create resilient entrepreneurial ecosystems.


Welcome Hub Agder (WHA) is an initiative by Impact Hub Agder, Arendal Municipality and Arendal Chamber of Commerce to support new internationals who have relocated to the area to settle in comfortably and to overcome the challenges that come with integrating with a new community.

WHA plays a vital part in supporting companies and the municipalities in the region by facilitating access to information, networks and support in navigating “the system” in Agder.

Establishing the concept of a BIO region as a supporting network for biodiversity in the Czech landscape: Pilot research app

The project builds upon research outputs (landscape ecosystems, local economic multiplication and the collaborative partnership model) to create a pilot BIO region.

BIO region is an area where farmers, entrepreneurs, civic associations and public authorities enter into an agreement on the development of organic farming in order to maximize the economic, ecological and socio-cultural potential of the area.

The key role of organic farming is recognised by the European Commission in the European Green Deal, which aims to increase its share of agricultural land to 25 % by 2030.

The project will identify suitable regions, map the needs of its key actors and invite them into a collaborative partnership with the goal of creating a shared vision of a BIO region and its implementation through microprojects. The transition will be supported by networking and consultation on both agricultural and business matters.

This model of sustainable local development will serve as good practice and will be transferable to other regions. In addition to testing the development model, the output also includes an overview of other regions in which this model can be implemented.

The BIO region links the positive impacts of organic farming on the ecosystem (soil protection, water retention, erosion reduction, increased biodiversity) with its socio-economic development potential – local demand for organic products (public catering, short distribution chains), bioagro-tourism, developing social enterprises (e.g. food processing), locating the entire production chain within the region, facilitating the transition to organic farming for local farmers.

The collaborative partnership is finally a tool of enhancing the resilience of local communities to cope with changing environments (such as climate change).


A Better Agder is a programme focused on social entrepreneurship and is targeted at entrepreneurs, new start-ups, established companies, teams and associations that would like to improve or give back to specific groups in society.


The Torvgata Byromsforening project is focused on revitalising Torvgata and Pigetorget in Arendal by highlighting the areas’ long history, and making it more attractive to the city’s population, as the areas continue to attract new and exciting concepts.